2020 has been a bit of a surprise to many of us. From changing schedules to having to make the new normal work, life has changed overnight. Even though the future is not what we thought it would be a few months ago, it’s time to start making this new normal work. So creating a new morning routine could be a good place to start because a healthy morning sets you for a healthy day.

With many of us working from home, it might seem like a nuisance to wake up early and follow a morning routine. However, following a routine will give you something to look forward to every morning. It will also force you to be more productive and healthy during these stressful times. So if you want to start a routine, we at TABIIB have created a few steps that will help you do so: 

1. Have A Set Wakeup Time

With the flexibility of working from home, many of us have not been too particular about waking up at a certain time. However, waking up at a certain time and having a sense of normality will help your body and mind during these stressful times. In the beginning, following a set wake up time might be difficult, but it will eventually become a reflex. 

2. Stop Snoozing

Having a set wakeup time and not following it defeats the whole purpose. When you set an alarm, waking up on the first ring is crucial for the routine. Setting an alarm only to snooze continuously ruins the morning routine and encourages procrastination. Procrastinating first thing in the morning can tend to affect the mood for the rest of the day as well. So when your alarm goes off, wake up and start your day with the right mood. 

3. Practice Gratitude Or Try Meditation

Before you get out of bed bring positivity into your day by practicing gratitude. Having a positive attitude in the morning will help you during the day. So every morning, spend a few minutes going over everything you are grateful for and this will instantly uplift your mood. You can also bring in mindfulness by practicing meditation for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning. This will help you reduce stress, increase awareness, and boost your energy.  

4. Exercise

After you get out of bed, you could do a quick exercise to get your day started. A few stretches, a good run, or some yoga will help you get over all the leftover stress from the previous day. If you don’t have the time to do an entire workout routine in the morning you can at least spend 3-5 minutes stretching. This will relax your mind and keep your blood flowing. 

5. Eat A Healthy Breakfast 

There is nothing worse than starting your day off with an unhealthy meal. Eating healthy nutritious food in the morning will keep your blood sugar levels in check and improve your mood. A carb-rich sugary breakfast can make you feel lazy & lethargic the entire day. If you are looking to change your diet entirely and need some professional help consider booking an appointment with a nutritionist. 

6. Plan Your Day 

Once you are up and ready, make a plan for the day. List down all the set goals and tasks for the day and schedule everything accordingly. Making a list will help you finish all the important tasks on time without having to stress at the last minute. We know that it can be hard to make a plan for the day when things are so unpredictable, but there is no harm in trying. 

Everyone’s morning routine doesn’t have to look the same. You can take a few more steps based on what you think might work the best for you. For instance, you can also make a cup of coffee, practice gardening, listen to podcasts/music, or doing anything based on your preference. Life for everyone across the globe has changed in some form or another in the past couple of months. So during these unpredictable times, stick to a routine as it’s important to bring in a sense of normalcy for your mental sanity.

I am a content writer and I love writing on healthcare, telecommunication products, movies and more! When I am off the clock, you will probably find me exercising or binge-watching Netflix.