It’s no secret that healthcare costs are on the rise across the world. From consultation to hospitalization and diagnostic fees, medical expenses can surely dent a person’s wallet. The costs further increase if a person has to cater to the family’s needs.  

Even with the rising costs, no one would compromise on their health needs or their family’s. So the next best thing is to resort to options that will reduce the burden of the medical costs. 

One way to save money is to opt for medical insurance. However, that doesn’t solve the problem entirely because there is a gap between what the insurance covers and what a person spends on healthcare. Even the best insurance policy in the market doesn’t protect a person from spending a lot of money on healthcare services. 

In most cases, the basic insurance policies cover the expenses related to hospitalization but ignore the other medical expenses such as diagnostics tests, consultation fees, and medical bills. So the next best option for better savings is resorting to healthcare discount cards like the TABIIB Plus card

What Is TABIIB Plus?

TABIIB Plus is a membership-based loyalty health card, that helps members save up to 70% on a wide range of medical treatments at various network hospitals. 

Features of TABIIB Plus Healthcare Discount Card

  1. For an annual membership fee, TABIIB Plus allows members to get discounts of up to 70% on various medical-related expenses. 
  2. The medical discount card is available for both individual as well as family use for a membership fee
  3. The healthcare discount card offers discounts on hospitalization, medical procedures, diagnostic tests, consultation fees, medicines, and other medical expenses
  4. The TABIIB Plus cardholders can access offers and book appointments instantly on the same platform

Why Get The TABIIB Plus Healthcare Discount Card?

The average medical cost an individual would incur in a year is far more than the cost of getting the TABIIB Plus discount card. Since the card covers a wide range of specialties and discount types, a cardholder can significantly reduce medical expenses.  

In addition to that, the TABIIB Plus healthcare discount card has collaborated with a wide network of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and chemists. So this also allows cardholders to pick offers from the medical provider of their choice instead of having to travel or change their provider for a service. 

How To Get Started? 

Existing TABIIB Users

It’s very easy to get started with TABIIB Plus. If you already have a TABIIB account, you can:

  1. Login into your TABIIB account and register for the TABIIB Plus card here
  2. Once you register, you need to select your preferred plan and buy the membership 
  3. You can avail offers instantly when you book appointments through TABIIB

New Users

  1. Go to & click the register button 
  2. Fill in all the required fields (Full name, date of birth, phone number, email address, address, and national ID)
  3. Pick whether you want to opt for an individual card or a family card 
  4. Finish the payment process and enjoy the benefits when you book appointments through TABIIB

TABIIB Plus is your security and gateway to affordable healthcare costs. So, register today and stand a chance to save big on medical costs.

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