Your skin is the first external defensive line. It protects you against infections, chemicals and damaging UV light. The skin also helps to monitor the body temperature by producing sweat. That sweat on your skin comes from your body’s sweat glands. 

But when the sweat ducts are blocked, the sweat cannot come to the skin surface to evaporate and gets trapped under the skin. This trapped sweat causes a rash. In the same way, Heat rash happens when blocked pores (sweat ducts) pit abruptly under your skin. Symptoms vary from shallow to deep red lumps. Some types of heat rash have intense or raging pain.

It is also known as prickly heat or military heat rash. It doesn’t affect infants alone. Adults, particularly in hot, wet weather, are affected too. Usually, heat rash heals by itself. We at TABIIB would like to help you understand the common types and symptoms of a heat rash and how you can treat it at your home. 

Types Of A Heat Rash:

The four different kinds of heat rash are named after their presence on the skin (visual characteristics).

Miliaria Crystallina

Miliaria Crystallina, or clear heat rash, looks like thin, light or fleshy sweat percolations on the top skin layer. It is normally very mild and causes no pain.

Miliaria Rubra

This skin disorder is the most common skin disease. It comes with extreme itching and flaring symptoms, which is why it is known as ‘Pricklyheat.’ The sweats glands are blocked and the inflammation causes a red-colour rash called “Rubra”.

Miliaria Profunda

You may be exposed to ‘Miliaria Profunda’ when you come down with a rash over and over again. Sweat glands in larger skin areas can be chronically inflamed in prolonged episodes and can damage deeper skin layers. When this occurs, big, firm bumps may occur especially after heat training or exposure.

Miliaria Pustulosa

If pustules form on a red heat rash, white/yellow thermal rash, it’s known as Miliaria Pustulosa. These pustules may be the first symptoms of a Heat Rash and your doctor should examine them immediately.

Causes Of A Heat Rash

Severe types of rash can need medical treatment, but cooling the skin and avoiding sweating is the best way to reduce symptoms.

Sweat Ducts

The sweat ducts of a newborn are not completely formed. It can crack more quickly and capture heat and sweat under the skin. In the first week of life, heat rash may develop particularly if the child is dressed too warmly or has a fever.

Physical Exercise

Heavy workouts, hard work or any activity that causes you to sweat can lead to heat rash.

Tropical Climatic Conditions

Heat rash can be caused by hot, damp weather.

Excessive Heat

Overheating can usually lead to a heat rash, such as warmly dressing or sleeping under a blanket.


In around 24 hours, heat rash goes by itself. To help with the treatment, switch to a cool area and remove all the clothes and other things that can increase swelling.

Additional tips are:

1. Wear soft cotton, loose clothes.

2. Choose a cool spot or a cooler time of the day to exercise.

3. To alleviate body temperature, use showers, fans and air conditioning.

4. Avoid irritants, such as certain synthetic fabrics, which make the symptoms worse.

5. Evitate to stay in wet clothes for a long time, for example after swimming.

6. Apply damp cloth or an ice pack wrapped around the rash up to 20 minutes.

When should you see a doctor?

Heat rash normally cures by itself and preventing heat exposure. Speak to your doctor if the  rash appears to get worse for more than a couple of days, or if you see signs of infection, such as:

1. Increased discomfort, swelling, redness or warmth in the area concerned

2. Pus from the injuries

3. Axial, spine or groin swell lymph nodes

4. A fever or frozen joints.

We hope this blog provided you with vital pieces of information to keep you aware of Heat Rashes. We hope you’ll have a good summer but in case a heat rash gets worse, consult a doctor on TABIIB immediately.

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