COVID-19 has made healthcare providers across the globe realize that convenience is a patient’s top priority in healthcare. Services such as online doctor appointment booking, video consultation, telemedicine, etc have all been on the rise due to the same. 

The changes in the booking process were driven by patients’ demands long before COVID-19. However, the demand for online appointment booking accelerated further due to the virus. Online doctor appointment booking tools like TABIIB are helping leading doctors and hospitals across the globe to stay ahead of the competition and improve patient footfall since the pandemic. Let’s have a look at why you should consider introducing an online appointment booking software at your healthcare facility.

Benefits Of Online Doctor Appointment Booking System 

The online appointment booking process has become the most efficient and effective way to manage appointments and individual contact details since the pandemic. It not only offers advanced functionality to streamline the entire process but it also gives patients a chance to avoid crowded waiting rooms. Apart from that, the online appointment booking process has many advantages such as:

1. Right Step Towards A Preventive Healthcare Model

The online appointment booking process is one step towards the preventive healthcare model. By enabling patients to book appointments online, hospitals can ensure that the resources of the hospital are allocated and utilized more efficiently. 

2. Increases Footfall With Automated Appointment Reminders

Human beings are often forgetful. There are several instances where patients schedule appointments and forget about them entirely. So when a patient books a doctor’s appointment, clinics, and hospitals spend endless amounts of time ensuring that patients don’t miss their appointment at the last minute. However, when a hospital uses an online appointment booking system, it can send automated reminders and notifications and eliminate the entire manual process. 

3. Ensures Better Resource Allocation 

The traditional appointment scheduling process requires a lot of time & resources. The receptionist has to check doctors’ availability, manually fill in all the patient details, and remind patients about their appointment. This is a time-consuming process that may not be entirely flawless. So, human error can easily be minimized by opting for an online appointment scheduling system. This system automates the entire process, saves time & reduces the burden on the staff. 

4. Enhances Patient Care 

online doctor appointment booking enhances patient care

In a traditional appointment scheduling process, the staff at the hospital or the clinic need to spend endless amounts of time manually booking an appointment & sending reminders. However, when a clinic or a hospital uses an appointment scheduling software, their staff can spend more time catering to the needs of their patients. By ensuring that the staff has time to do something other than manually scheduling appointments, they can focus on ensuring that the patient receives the care they need when they arrive at the healthcare facility. 

5. Enables Better Data Collection & Storage 

Gone are those days where everything is registered in a book or entered into a system manually. An online appointment scheduling system ensures that all the patient information is stored, updated, and managed correctly. The health record ensures that the hospital or the healthcare provider can track the patient’s database easily and provide the best care.

6. Ensures Access To 24/7 Online Doctor Appointment Booking

It’s 2020 and people no longer have the time in their busy lives to call and schedule a doctor’s appointment. So now with an online appointment scheduling system, patients can search for the availability of the healthcare provider and book an appointment anytime, anywhere. 

7. Saves Time

The online scheduling process streamlines a doctor visit. It ensures that patients no longer have to wait for long periods of time in a waiting room. The doctor visits become less chaotic and more planned, saving patients time. This also in turn improves patients satisfaction and ensures long-term loyalty. 

Online medical appointment scheduling is undoubtedly a step towards better healthcare for all. So have you introduced an online appointment booking software at your healthcare facility yet? If not contact TABIIB to check out the best appointment booking system in the market.

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