Healthcare personas can be a big boost in your marketing strategy. Here’s why.

Healthcare is a competitive industry. Your brand and the services you offer are an important part of your practice. However, as a clinic, many questions come up when you first start marketing. Questions like, why aren’t more people visiting the website or why is the engagement rate low. Here’s a consideration: maybe the services or the experiences that you’re offering, your patients are not looking for them. It’s a common disconnect, which is why healthcare personas are so important. 

The concept of “buyer personas” is pretty well-established in the retail and advertising world, but new in healthcare. It is, however, increasingly important for hospitals and healthcare providers. Patients have now become more conscious of their choice of healthcare. They’re more likely to review and vet a clinic or hospital before booking an appointment. This conscious consumer choices influence most of the patients’ behaviour. 

Hence, it’s critical to evaluate the expectations of your audience and how best you can help them.  Healthcare buyer persona is one such way. Before you get into crafting your healthcare marketing strategy, it’s vital for you to understand your audience. Personas help you with that. 

In this blog, TABIIB defines healthcare personas, and why your clinic needs them.

What is a healthcare persona?

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A healthcare persona is a fictional representation of your ideal patient. Personas are based on real data: the research you conduct, your patient feedback, surveys, demographics, the clinic area, online booking behaviour, etc.

It’s a diluted version of demographic analysis. For example, if your area has mostly well-off patients with extended families, it’s better to build a person of a single person who matches that information. By guessing the needs of that persona, your clinic can identify pain points and engagement strategies along their customer journey.

Healthcare personas can help you stay focused on your audience. They analyze your audience’s motivations and concerns – the things that influence their healthcare decisions – and help you build content and experiences that align with their needs.

Benefits of a healthcare persona

As a healthcare practise, you’re not seeking to sell a service. Rather, you’re aiming at answering questions: about health and its conditions, a disease, or a remedy. Understanding what questions your patients are asking can help you deliver better information and build efficient processes. Your answers must connect with your patient base, or you’ll lose the element of trust. 

The main benefits of building a healthcare persona are:

  1. Build the element of human connection: The basic purpose of a persona is to give a more genuine, human appearance to the target buyer for a business. 
  2. Targeted communication: Data-driven research has shown that personalization of content increases engagement and loyalty. The way to make your clinic stand out is to focus on personalizing the experience for your customers.
  3. Direct connection and messaging: The experiences of patients vary wildly between ages. A persona can help you pinpoint specifics in a patient journey. If you can answer hypothetical questions about your persona’s health needs, then you can craft and deliver precise content. Precision attracts readers, drives patient conversations, and improves referrals and repeat visits.

What to include in a persona profile

As mentioned above, a healthcare persona is your ideal patient. To begin with, it helps to think of them as an individual. You can start building your persona by 

  • identifying your target demographic
  • reasons behind patients’ booking behaviour
  • patients’ personal health goals
  • possible pain points 

This data can be accumulated through your database. You can analyze past booked appointments, patient feedback and doctor reviews, and other analytics. 

The Bottom Line

Marketing a healthcare practise is not a small task. Your clinic can’t be all things to all people, but it can be an important thing to specific people. Healthcare personas are just one way you can build a strategy. TABIIB has a few more resources that can help you get started on your marketing route. If you’re looking to achieve more specific goals, reach out to us and we can help build a healthcare marketing strategy for your clinic.

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