In this time of crisis, healthcare professionals and caregivers are tapping into the digital sphere to give patients the care they need.
Telehealth refers to the information and communication technologies used to deliver healthcare services and transmit information. This includes virtual consultations, digital pharmacy, and online doctor finder.

Telemedicine has been steadily on the rise for years due to the benefits it offers to both patients and providers. Patients can get more efficient and convenient access to healthcare. Doctors can diagnose and prescribe medicines without a face-to-face consultation.
With people all over the world quarantined or isolated in their homes, virtual consultations have become a way for people to connect with their doctors.

Teleconsultations have the potential of revolutionizing the way a patient approaches healthcare; which is why so many doctors and clinics have adopted it into their caregiving practises.

Benefits of Telehealth

The innovation of virtual healthcare systems seeks to address a particular set of issues faced by patients all over the world. If implemented successfully, the benefits could be many.

-Minimizes Travel
You can book an appointment online with your doctor instantly and eliminate any travel time or waiting in queues. Remote areas, especially, can really benefit from telehealth consultations.

-Saves Time
Instant confirmation of appointments means not having to spend long hours in queues or in waiting rooms for a doctor.

-Reduces Risk Of Infection
This is a very important point to keep in mind, especially during times of a global epidemic. When you’re cramped in a room full of other people waiting for a doctor, the chances of catching an infection and then passing it on to others, increases. Virtual consultations ensure that you keep yourself, as well as others, safe.

How Does TABIIB Help?

TABIIB is an online platform that bridges the patient-doctor communication gap. It began as a doctor finder and appointment scheduler tool which allowed patients to search and consult with the doctor closest to them.

TABIIB offers a comprehensive telehealth solution that is capable of serving your health needs from the comfort of your home. We collaborate with hospitals and clinics, and serve their patients. The patients can use the hospital or clinic website to seamlessly connect with doctors to experience instant healthcare.

Doctor and patient during online medical consultation by computer on turquoise background isometric vector illustration

We are committed to offering our patients the best healthcare they deserve. TABIIB utilizes stringent telehealth protocols to ensure that your data is secure and not at risk of misuse. All patient records and prescriptions shared by the patient can only be accessed by the patient or the doctor. No third party application has permission to view patient records, including TABIIB. TABIIB has zero access to any patient data, whether they are medical records, prescriptions or case history.

With dozens of clinics and hospitals on our integrated platform, we guarantee patients a full spectrum of specializations for their medical needs.

Using TABIIB’s teleconsultation services, patients can connect to doctors and resolve their healthcare issues, spanning various specialities, through scheduled virtual appointments.

Virtual Consultations In TABIIB

TABIIB has always aimed to make healthcare accessible to everybody anytime, anywhere. Since beginning with the idea of simplifying patient-doctor communication, our approach has been about breaking down the walls of a clinic to give you the care you deserve, at your comfort.

Here’s how TABIIB does teleconsultations:

-The patient should navigate to the partner clinic/hospital website.
-Click on the Virtual Consultations tab on the homepage
-Search for the doctor/specialization they’d like to consult from the list
-Select time slot
-They will get an instant confirmation if the doctor is available. If not, they have the option to reschedule.

When an appointment is confirmed, the doctor will initiate the consultation in the given time frame. This guarantees that patient-doctor confidentiality is protected.

If you’re looking to consult a doctor online, visit TABIIB to know more.

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