Access to quality healthcare services is a matter of human dignity. It’s  important for maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary disability and premature death, and achieving health equity.
Like any basic component of life, health sustains us and should be affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

An earlier blog by TABIIB had mentioned the need for accessibility to health services. In the age of pandemic – this question seems more relevant than ever. In this blog, TABIIB revisits the question of healthcare affordability, the role TABIIB Plus plays in it.

Why Is Affordable Healthcare Important?

Healthcare is a human right and so is access to that healthcare. Additionally, the affordability of health services primarily depends on the access to those systems. Unfortunately, there are several barriers to access – depending on the patient’s socioeconomic status, geographic location, and race.
A few barriers to these services include:
-High cost of care
-Lack of affordability
-Lack of a competent, established health system

Above all, the presence of these barriers leads to physical consequences, which can negatively impact the overall wellness of one’s life. As a result, most patients have unmet health needs, financial burdens, and delays in quality health care.
Access to healthcare means more than just being able to consult a doctor; it also means the timely use of health services to empower better outcomes.

This point brings us to the need for third-party health services which can bridge this gap between health systems and patients. A few examples include discount cards, referral programs, discounted pharmacy deals, and online booking platforms.

This is where TABIIB & TABIIB Plus comes into the picture.


TABIIB offers a simplified, comprehensive appointment booking process.
Beyond appointment booking, however, there is also a gap between healthcare providers and patients that is due to lack of health literacy.
TABIIB aims to bridge that gap.

It has grown from an online platform that allows patients to find and consult the right doctor, to one which also provides online doctor consultations and affordable healthcare.

With dozens of clinics and hospitals on its integrated platform, TABIIB aligns itself on the principles of making healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

What Is TABIIB Plus?

TABIIB Plus is your friend in health–an e-health card that guarantees limitless benefits and savings, across medical services. On an integrated platform with over a dozen hospitals and clinics, you can get access to the best medical services across locations, for you and your family. Here’s how TABIIB Plus ensures affordable healthcare for all:

-Unlimited savings on medical services offered by partner hospitals, including lab tests and procedures
-Limitless benefits for members and their family
-Seamless appointment booking and discounts on the same platform
-Connects you to a vast network of hospitals and clinics in the country

In an uncertain future, the only thing that matters most is your health and that of your loved ones. With TABIIB Plus, you can be an active participant in improving your health on your own terms. If you’re looking to book an appointment, visit TABIIB.

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