As a matter of basic dignity, everybody is entitled to quality healthcare. Like any basic component of life, health sustains us and should be affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Access to comprehensive, quality healthcare services is important for maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary risks of disease, and achieving health equity for all citizens.

When considering access to healthcare, it’s important to include organization and management models used in a health system as they also influence the distribution of curative care.

Why Is Accessible Health Important?

Access to healthcare means more than just being able to consult a doctor, it means the timely use of personal health services to empower better health outcomes. Broadly, it refers to 3 distinct steps:
-Gaining entry into the health system (through mandatory insurance, registering for health plans, etc)
-Ensuring that health needs are met across locations where the requirement is greatest (geographic and proximity availability)
-Consulting a healthcare professional whose delivery of care aligns with your personal health needs

While these broad groups help in conceptualizing how healthcare should be distributed, there are often many barriers in the way to it. Some include high cost of care, lack of availability of services, and a reduction in access to competent health professionals.

How Does TABIIB Help?

The biggest hurdle is not just the lack of health system infrastructure, but that patients don’t have the means through which they can consult a doctor. It offers a simplified, comprehensive appointment booking process. Beyond appointment booking however, there is also a gap between healthcare providers and patients that is due to lack of health literacy.

TABIIB aims to bridge that gap. It has grown from an online platform that allows patients to find and consult the right doctor, to one which also provides online doctor consultations and affordable healthcare.

We are committed to offering our patients the quality healthcare they deserve. Our approach towards healthcare is patient-centric, prevention-oriented, and designed to deliver value-based curative care. With dozens of clinics and hospitals on our integrated platform, TABIIB aligns itself on the principles of making healthcare accessible and affordable to all. It has done this through its latest innovation: TABIIB Plus.

What Is TABIIB Plus?

TABIIB Plus is your friend in health–an e-health card that guarantees limitless benefits and savings, across medical services. On an integrated platform with over a dozen hospitals and clinics, you can get access to the best medical services across locations, for you and your family. Here’s how TABIIB Plus ensures affordable healthcare for all:

-Unlimited savings on medical services offered by partner hospitals, including lab tests and procedures
-Limitless benefits for members and their family
-Seamless appointment booking and discounts on the same platform
-Connects you to a vast network of hospitals and clinics in the country

Currently available in Bahrain, it will soon be launched across the GCC.

Here’s how you can register for TABIIB Plus:
-Select the health plan that works best for you (We also have custom health plans that are made specifically for your needs)
-Add yourself and your family members
-Subscribe and enjoy better savings!

In an uncertain future, the only thing that matters most is your health and that of your loved ones. With TABIIB Plus, you can be an active participant in improving your health on your own terms. If you’re looking to book an appointment, visit TABIIB.

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