What’s in a brand? Turns out, quite a lot. The healthcare industry isn’t immune to the shifting trends of consumer behaviour and choice. This is why, now more than ever, it’s imperative for clinics and hospitals to stand out. The competition is stiff; there’s no shortage of clinics, doctors and healthcare providers for patients to choose from.

While providing quality care will always remain the priority for healthcare providers – however, in this ever-changing landscape of medicine, it’s just as important to craft strategies that can attract and retain patients. Difficult it may be, but a marketing strategy is a must for healthcare providers. A well-executed marketing strategy can help a medical practise remain in the minds of patients, help reach potential patients, and educate new patients.

For your benefit, TABIIB has listed the best marketing strategies for healthcare providers and medical practices:

1) Build an online presence

The first thing any potential patient will do is look you up on the Internet. It’s important to have a website or a portal where they can find the doctor’s or the clinic’s basic information such as timings, phone numbers, and location. If, as a clinic, you’re not ready to build a website of your own, then you can host your presence on an aggregator platform such as TABIIB.

Being digitally present is quite beneficial for your practise, as it helps build legitimacy and credibility amongst patient and provider circles.

2) Create a blog or contribute to health blogs

A regularly updated blog that is connected to your medical practise is an amazing way to address the needs and concerns of potential patients, as well as inform and educate existing ones. If your practise doesn’t have a connected blog of its own, you can also contribute as a guest writer to other health blogs. That way, you can establish a humanizing bridge between you and your patients. 

Blogs also function by way of content marketing – a type of marketing outreach that helps showcase your brand and its principles. Having a blog that deals with industry trends and commonly asked questions also helps in setting a tone in patients’ minds; if the data you provide is valid and checked, then they’re more likely to approach your clinic in the future.

3) Use social media as a marketing tool

Being social in the age of information is everything. It can make or break a brand. Build a profile on Facebook or Twitter that can allow you to frequently contact and connect with your patient base and remind them of your presence. Posting tips, news and other noteworthy topics will help your patients build an image of your brand and approach you when they’re looking for medical services.

A social media profile can also help you network with other healthcare professionals and build connections. This further demonstrates your expertise in the field. Staying consistent with your scheduling and posting is the best way of maintaining a successful online presence.

4) Leverage patient reviews

Existing patients are your best marketing partners. Word-of-mouth referrals go a long way towards establishing your practise as a credible one. You can ask for patients to fill out surveys after your visit, or if you’re on an online portal – ask them to leave feedback. Patient feedback is an invaluable resource as it allows you to understand how patients see you. This can give you a starting point to figure out what you’re doing right and what you can improve.

5) Start an email newsletter

As a clinic or practitioner, you already have a database of your clients and patients. Regularly emailing your list of contacts can help drive traffic to your website or blog. This increases patient referrals and appointments. The newsletter template doesn’t have to be fancy. A basic email highlighting your past work and notable cases help expand your customer base.

The Impact of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing works as a humanizing tool – it can be used to promote wellness and proactive engagement in one’s health which ultimately leads to improved care outcomes.

Organizationally speaking, an effective healthcare marketing strategy can drive clinic growth, improve patient retention, and chart overall revenue. If you’re looking to build your clinic or practice’s online presence, please reach out TABIIB. For more industry insights and healthcare tips, please visit our blog.

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