In the era of rising costs, medical expenses can dent the wallet. From consultation and hospitalization fees to diagnostic and checkup fees, the expenses never seem to end. In addition, the burden further increases when you have to care for your family’s medical needs. Even with the rising costs, one can neither ignore their own health needs nor their family’s. So the next best option for better savings is resorting to a discount health care card like the TABIIB Plus card. 

What Is TABIIB Plus?

TABIIB Plus is Bahrain’s first e-health card, which helps patients reduce their medical costs, while hospitals and clinics increase their patient-inflow. In simple terms, the TABIIB Plus card is a member discount card that acts like any loyalty card. Once you pay the membership fee, TABIIB helps you and your family save up to 70% on a wide range of medical treatments at various network hospitals. Currently available only in Bahrain, the TABIIB Plus platform is due to be launched across the GCC in the coming months. 

Healthcare For All

TABIIB Plus - Healthcare for all

No one should ever have to compromise on their health due to the rising healthcare costs. This is where TABIIB Plus comes into the picture as it ensures affordable healthcare for all. Everyone with a membership card is promised access to quality healthcare at affordable rates. 

The health card helps hospitals and clinics manage their patients better as it evenly spreads out the appointments across the day. This also increases the burden of treating all the patients during peak hours. So, with the help of TABIIB Plus, when the hospitals give patients unlimited offers at off-peak timings, they will observe an increased footfall. This, in turn, increases customers for hospitals, diagnostic centres and doctors. This will overall help with better utilization of healthcare resources. 

Everything You Need To Know About The TABIIB Plus Card

Bahrain’s First E-health Card

TABIIB Plus is Bahrain’s first e-health card that is available both online and offline. For the convenience of the users, TABIIB ensures that customers receive both an online as well as an offline membership card. However, please note that customers only need their CPR cards to book appointments and avail offers with TABIIB Plus. 

Available For Both Individual And Family Use

TABIIB Plus membership is available for both individual use as well as family use. When you buy the subscription you can choose to add up to 6 family members to the plan at an affordable price. 

Offers Up To 70% Savings 

TABIIB Plus aims for better health and better savings. The membership unlocks unlimited benefits on medical procedures, diagnostic tests, consultation fees and more. With the membership, customers will have access to over 200 clinics and 1000 + doctors across Bahrain. 

Track Appointments And Offers On The Same Platform

The TABIIB Plus platform is designed to provide customers with the utmost convenience. The membership cardholders can access offers and book appointments instantly on the same platform. 

How To Get Started? 

It’s very easy to get started with the TABIIB Plus card. If you already have a TABIIB account, you can login into your account and register for the TABIIB Plus card here Once you register and buy the membership you can avail offers instantly when you book appointments through TABIIB

Similarly, if you don’t have an account, you can use the same link and fill out all the required details and get started by subscribing to the membership. You will be allowed to add up to 6 members in your card.

TABIIB Plus will ensure that you and your family members have access to affordable health care. So, register today. 

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