2020 has been a gentle reminder that we are all in this together and that each action of ours has the power to save the most vulnerable lives. This holds true for Breast Cancer as well. 

Each year breast cancer impacts 2.1 million women and causes the greatest number of cancer-related deaths among women.

In order to improve breast cancer outcomes, early detection is critical. So we at TABIIB would like to shed some light on the warning signs and prevention measures that everyone out there should be aware of. 

TABIIB goes pink for Breast Cancer Awarness

Breast Pain And Tenderness A Warning Sign?

Breast pain & tenderness is often associated by many with breast cancer. However, the reality is otherwise.

The pain can be caused due to numerous reasons, including intake of birth control pills, regular hormone fluctuations, infertility treatments, or even factors like stress. 

Breast Lumps & What They Mean 

Similar to breast pain & tenderness, lumps don’t always indicate cancer. Breast lumps could also be caused due to a breast infection, noncancerous tumor, or even damaged tissues. But, it’s important to get lumps tested by a professional as they could be cancerous. 

Early Signs Of Breast Cancer 

Cancer acts differently in each individual. However, the Center For Disease Control And Prevention mentions the following as a few warning signs of breast cancer.

  1. Dimpling of breast skin 
  2. Flaky skin in the nipple area
  3. Nipple discharge 
  4. Change in the shape of the breast
  5. Swelling of the breast 
  6. New lump in the breast or underarm

Risk Factors 

For years, scientists and researchers across the globe have been working endlessly to understand cancer better. As of today, studies show that a person’s risk could be caused due to a combination of factors. Having a risk factor doesn’t guarantee that you will get the disease, but it’s always important to be aware of the factors and to get help when needed. 

Risk Factors That You Cannot Change

  1. Age 
  2. Genetic Mutation 
  3. Reproductive History 
  4. Having Dense Breasts
  5. Family History Of Cancer (Breast & Ovarian)
  6. Personal History Of Cancer

Risk Factors That Can Be Changed 

  1. Obesity 
  2. Alcoholism 
  3. Taking Hormones
  4. Being Inactive

Preventive Measures Of Breast Cancer

Early detection of cancer can improve the treatment plan. Experts say that after the age of 40 women should get regular checkups and mammograms. As this type of cancer is related to age, getting mammograms regularly after a certain age can detect cancer even before a person can notice signs. 
Book an appointment with your doctor and talk to them about when you should start getting mammograms and how often you should get them.

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