There’s no two ways about it: healthcare is a competitive industry. When many clinics offer the same services that you do, it can be difficult to create space for your brand. In this scenario, effective marketing strategies can help. It will help new patients find you as well as maintain a strong relationship with your existing patients.

It isn’t always easy to figure out which marketing strategy works best for your clinic. There are many tools that are aimed for patient acquisition and retention, but 2 main strategies are often overlooked. These are: blogging & social media.

There are a few blogs written previously describing the need for social media in healthcare but in this blog – we discuss both those activities in detail.

Marketing Strategies

Blogging For Healthcare

There is a reason why blogs are effective in marketing strategies. A blog, essentially, functions as an archive of insightful information and knowledge relating to your field. Blogs serve various purposes including, but not limited to:
-educating patients
-connecting new patients
-offering a common portal for query resolution

In fact, having a blog can improve your clinic’s search ranking. Each blog post appears on its own webpage. With each new page, your website is telling Google and other search engines that there is new material to find and index, which means increased digital presence.
Maintaining a blog can improve your website’s overall score of content, and enhance relevance across the Internet.

A healthcare blog can also increase patient conversions and generate awareness. A study showed that any business practice with a blog had more 55 times more visitors and conversions. Blog content can also help you remain relevant in the healthcare industry by positively influencing the trends and target audience.

The best way to create a successful blog strategy is by:
-identifying key topic areas and researching on that
-Focusing on the right keywords and target audience
-Implementing measurable analytics
-Being consistent with posting

Social Media for Healthcare

There’s always something new that can be implemented, when it comes to social media.

According to Pew Research Center, 3 of 4 people use at least one social media platform regularly. Adding a social media strategy to your marketing effort can give your clinic a boost in the digital age. Social media is preferable because, unlike commercial advertising, it can be targeted and analyzed. It’s also cost effective. The best use of social media is to drive engagement and participation that can lead to stronger patient-provider relationships.

A quick guide to social media marketing strategies:
1. Choose your platform
It’s important to be where your patients are. So, for example if you run a cosmetic clinic – consider promoting on Instagram. If your clinic is small and community, Facebook could be a better idea. YouTube, as a platform, works best when you have information and expert advice to share.

2. Be active
Encourage participation and engagement by creating content that asks questions. Social media provides an opportunity for two way communication: through comments and questions. Whenever possible, reach out to more professionals in the community and build a network. That can bolster your reputation and digital presence.

3. Be consistent
This is critical to any healthcare social media marketing strategy. Maintaining a routine presence keeps your social media followers engaged and your audience growing.

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